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Calling all creators! We want to use this blog to help connect you to the world for FREE! Here at The1870 we're all about making things, love-love-love and helping others. This blog is going to be...

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Alcohol Ink Adventures & Tips

Alcohol Ink is a vibrant way to add real flow, feels and color pops to your arts & crafts. Traditionally it's used on shiny & slick surfaces like tiles, glossy papers or glass but I like pu...

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Welcome to the new & improved website!

Hey there, A whole entire day isn't really a long time, it's been overdue, it's been needed & it's finally done. As Morton is resting with a migraine, I've been sorting out the website & n...

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Daphne_Sage: It's a dye that's heavy in pigment!

So the alcohol inks are a type of watercolor ink?

Thank you for inspiring all of us your crafts are so beautiful and the both of you are so pleasant to watch 💕 here is a link to my Etsy store
Have a wonderful day💕
Nelita Brosnac