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Morton has the best heart

My 60th birthday was on May 11 and that's the day I finally talked Morton into going into the emergency room.  It was a Thursday and we had been to urgent care on Monday, just a few days before whe...

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Blooming Spring

April is almost finished and our weather has been a bit confused. Temperatures soared into the 80's while I was in Florida writing the final chapters of my book, How I Met My Morton, and it seems t...

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Whirlwind Day

This morning started early, about 4:30 am. Trip to the Orlando Airport where my daughter flew away as I drove back to her house. Then a day of writing, making a TikTok, YouTube and celebrating the ...

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Write what you know!

Wise words, said by someone clever, when asked about what a person should write about. Sounds simple. We know it, we lived it, we write it. But as I sit here in Florida on my self-created writers r...

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Home from Florida with incredible surprises

Our two-week trip to Florida was fantastic. Better than fantastic. We made new friends, visited with old friends, spent pure quality time with family, celebrated our 20th anniversary, celebrated Mo...

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Happy birthday to my Morton!

Today is Morton's birthday. We're celebrating so many wonderful things that are happening in our lives right now and are both so grateful. We're currently with our daughter and her family in Flor...

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Florida with Family

The last time we went to Florida I took along half the studio so I could keep sending orders out, our son church sat and it was definitely a working vacation that we even got caught in a hurricane ...

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Florida February 2023

One this last day of January 2023 we woke up to snow. It wasn't a lot, maybe half an inch or so. Pretty to look at, cold to touch. Thankfully only a trip to the post office to send orders off to lo...

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52 Windows in 2023

52 windows is a lot to make. These are going to be all shapes, sizes and all customs using a variety of stained glass & fused glass.  As I'm making these, we're going lots of lives and people a...

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Love, love, love

I know, it's still January. I know, I like to live in the moment and not rush time by. But being an artist, crafter, creator and after being asked so many times on our lives and videos, I've just p...

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Reading your words i imagined a little you doing all these things as a child. I wish i grew up with more nature around me but i was lucky enough to be in girlscouts and have a dad who grew up on an old farm in Iowa who knew a lot about plants and growing stuff so i was able to find the beginigs of my love off nature through him. I am the youngest of 5 and my oldest sister is 17 years older and my middle sister is 10 years older so when you mentioned the age gap causing you to not really getting to know her at that age and going off on your own to play and imagine, i could relate because i did the same most often. I know i am a creative soul but have never let myself feel confident enough to really focus of my creativity. I've recently stated to try and pick up some of my crafts again and a lot of that is inspired by watching you work in your studio. Like you i dabble in many crafts. I love to crochet and I'm making myself a queen size bed spread right now, ive been making birthday cards with watercolors and watercolor paper and i just started playing with polymer clay. I always have so many ideas of things i want to make and do but i need to make the time for myself to actually do them. I wanted to share a few photos here but there isn't a place that i can see for me to upload any photos.

Thank you and Morton for sharing your life and creativity. You are sparking that creative flame in me.

Daphne_Sage: It's a dye that's heavy in pigment!

So the alcohol inks are a type of watercolor ink?

Thank you for inspiring all of us your crafts are so beautiful and the both of you are so pleasant to watch 💕 here is a link to my Etsy store
Have a wonderful day💕
Nelita Brosnac