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Blog posts October 2022

Last Saturday Morton got his kilt box out from under our bed, taking out the elements to make up this traditional Scottish outfit and I was thinking about the first time I saw him in person in this kilt. We were living in Scotland, seven miles south of Edinburgh and we had been invited to a part...

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Sometimes things happen so fast in our lives we don't get to really let them sink in. That's the feeling in the air here now! My whole life I've been impulsively motivated in a good way. I always believe that the best time to do something is right now and that the best is yet to come. These two t...

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Bringing Autumn Inside

Have you ever done something that sparked so many old memories you just had to fall in love with it again? That's what happened the day after our OctoberKraftFest event at the studio. Morton and I went for a walk up the mountain behind the old church we call home on a perfectly crisp fall day. Th...

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Shifts in perspectives

As a person who is always in motion, most of the time anyway, it can be tough to get a good picture of things that are constantly moving. My mind is always chasing ideas, with creations popping in and out of it so much that it can become almost impossible to keep up with. Silent time is good for...

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October starts now!

Getting the autumn decorations out begins now with the unveiling of our special new boxes that are listed at the very top of our main page. These boxes are limited to 10 and will be something that we do each & every month of the year, starting right now! Details at our HOME page New features...

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