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Locust Gap PA 17840

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About Priscilla Houliston​: Always an artist, crafter, creator and working artist, Priscilla has been writing journals, drawing cartoons and making music since she was a child. 
In 2001 Priscilla traveled to Scotland for six weeks and ended up staying for six years. The adventure and fate had her meet Morton, an Edinburgh native, who has become her forever partner in pursuing this wonderful life. Morton was a flexographic printer in Scotland and when they came to America, he was a flour miller before his retirement.
In 2007 Priscilla wrote "Little Changes" a real-life story of bicycling the East Coast of America with her husband, Morton. 

In 2015 Priscilla accidentally stumbled upon an ad on Craigslist for an old church for sale in the mountains of Pennsylvania, while looking for blueberry bushes. Since Morton was at work, she went to see it impulsively and immediately with her son. It was love at first sight, even though it was in ruin, and she bought it on the spot. Thankfully the next day as Morton was off work and they went to see it together, he loved it too.
In 2017 Priscilla won a Grammy Award for "Run Mississippi" a song she co-wrote with Carl Jackson and released by Rhonda Vincent. 

In 2022 Morton decided to take early retirement. He chose time over money and became a full-time remodeling expert, baker, cook and is even dabbling in his creative side at the church.

In 2023 Priscilla & Morton are thrilled that their son is now living in the 2,400 square foot ground floor of the church, creating his own unique home. Having someone able to care for the church is going to allow more time to travel, visit friends and bring inspiration back to The1870.


About Us

The1870 Studio is an ever-changing work of art, filled with creations by the founding artist, Priscilla Houliston.

Located in the Pennsylvania mountains, a church built as the heart of a small mining village was left to go to ruin, when with her Scottish husband, Morton, Priscilla saw the perfect blank canvas to create a home, a studio and a new way of life.

There are lots of new studio areas set up for 2024, getting ready for our most creative year here yet!

Cemetery Studio overlooks the old stones on the mountain overlooking the church. All our north facing windows watch the seasons change while we create fused glass art, pull glass in our vitragraph kiln and carve wood we gather from the mountains around us.

Enchanted Tiki Room is hidden behind the hundred-year-old pipes for the organ and is the tropical hideaway we make jewelry in, with the feeling that there is definitely a mermaid in the mountains.

Four Seasons Balcony that is the home of our sewing studio on the east side, the wool area where we felt, knit, crochet & spin on the west side, then in the magic middle is the Teacup Fairy Garden creation station.

Frankenstein Library Table provides the perfect place for us to host Watercolor Wednesdays and other painting projects where we offer free online live workshops on a regular basis.

Birch Tree Forest is a paper-mache wonderland created on the metal frame of an old canopy Priscilla use to take to art & crafts shows all over the United Kingdom & the United States. After decades of service, this was upgraded to a forever forest where the ten-foot-long table provides the perfect spot to sculpt, play with paper and upcycle everything. 

The Grand Stage gives you the perfect view to learn how to make stained glass windows, jewelry, suncatchers, garden art and get free online live lessons during our Stained Glass Sundays you're invited to attend on our social media. 

Watch for upcoming events, new studio fun and dreams becoming reality, all happening right now at The1870Studio.