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Lady of the Leaves is now available for purchase in paperback.


Blog posts January 2023

Florida February 2023

One this last day of January 2023 we woke up to snow. It wasn't a lot, maybe half an inch or so. Pretty to look at, cold to touch. Thankfully only a trip to the post office to send orders off to lovely customers and no shoveling or plowing was needed. Since our son has moved in and is turning th...

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52 Windows in 2023

52 windows is a lot to make. These are going to be all shapes, sizes and all customs using a variety of stained glass & fused glass.  As I'm making these, we're going lots of lives and people are really connecting with and loving certain elements. Since I'm a working artist who loves the ide...

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Love, love, love

I know, it's still January. I know, I like to live in the moment and not rush time by. But being an artist, crafter, creator and after being asked so many times on our lives and videos, I've just put together a Valentine's Box. They're up for a limited time, until they sell out, on our shop. Tha...

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