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Magiscope by Dennis Brock

Cross section of a plant through the Magiscope

Virtual Residencies

This page is dedicated to helping the world discover our fellow artists, crafters & creators who we meet virtually on social media and LOVE!

There are no fees, charges or costs for the links we put on here, we simply want to help them gain exposure.

Please take a moment to explore all the links and discover the beauty of handmade.



Tonya Lynn Art
Tonya was the first person I ever went live with on TikTok back when we started in February 2022. She's an artist from Memphis area who is so kind, creative and helpful! She was also our first ever moderator on TikTok back in the day when I didn't know what that meant. 
Visit her online store at

Stitched By Stacy
"I make clothing and accessories for women.  Accessories include jewelry, hats, totes/bags, and headbands.  I also venture into holiday-related decor."

Stacy made a delightful Venetian mask for me that is purple and absolutely gorgeous!
Click to visit

Pillows Beyond by Nelita
Visit here Etsy store
Nelita sent us the beautiful ornaments for our trees, and we love them so much!

Treasure Tee by Mia
Unique & fun t-shirts and more that you're going to LOVE! Watch for the shirts that are coming our way to star in upcoming videos! Visit the beautiful store here.


Dennis Brock invented an incredible microscope that people have been using for decades now. Morton and I were fortunate enough to visit his microscope museum and visit with him and his wife Jennifer in Sarasota, Florida in February 2023. Have you ever met someone you were instantly connected to? That's how Morton and I both felt about Dennis and Jennifer. They gifted us a Magiscope (which really is special) and Jennifer baked us the most delicious cookies. 
You'll see us using our Magiscope in upcoming videos we create along the way & even plan on taking it along on all our future trips. It's robust enough to adventure with us!
Best of all, these are all made by hand right here in the USA by Dennis. How incredible is that? They're the only microscope made in the USA.
You can see them, learn all about them and even get your very own at and you can explore the world right there in front of your eyes with us! 

Magnets and more with just the right amount of bling! Add some sparkle in your life and visit our friend Nan's online shop today to see her designs.

If you want to be listed here, please contact us with a brief description of what you do and your website link. All artists & crafters featured here must make all the items themselves, not resellers please.

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