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Blog posts February 2023

Our two-week trip to Florida was fantastic. Better than fantastic. We made new friends, visited with old friends, spent pure quality time with family, celebrated our 20th anniversary, celebrated Morton's 56th birthday, got to visit a childhood dream of mine, Sunken Gardens and the weather was abs...

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Happy birthday to my Morton!

Today is Morton's birthday. We're celebrating so many wonderful things that are happening in our lives right now and are both so grateful. We're currently with our daughter and her family in Florida, and more precisely, Morton is in bed having a nap after a morning brunch out with the family on...

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Florida with Family

The last time we went to Florida I took along half the studio so I could keep sending orders out, our son church sat and it was definitely a working vacation that we even got caught in a hurricane in. That was last September. Here we are in February 2023 and so many things have changed. Our son ...

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