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Alcohol Ink Adventures & Tips

Alcohol Ink is a vibrant way to add real flow, feels and color pops to your arts & crafts. Traditionally it's used on shiny & slick surfaces like tiles, glossy papers or glass but I like putting it to the test on other surfaces too.

Painting a canvas: First I coat the canvas with several layers of Kilz white paint to make it as smooth as possible, letting it dry well between coats. Once dry, have fun with those colors.

Painting on wood: This is something that you have to try! Whether the wood is sealed or not, cool things will happen! I carved a miniature Dragon Viking Village and used alcohol ink instead of traditional paint and love how it came out. What do you think?

Painting on clay: I prefer using it on clay that has not been fired or cured, but it works well on either.

Sealing it: When you get done with using alcohol inks, you need to seal them. Water will not disturb the colors, but if you have any cleaning supplies that contain alcohol, it could reactivate them. I prefer to use Krylon clear Kamar varnish to set them, then coat with several coats of your favorite varnish or sealer.

My favorite art supplies are like my favorite art or craft, whatever I'm using, I'm loving! My current favorite is Marabu Alcohol Ink because it has such a great bottle design, vibrant colors and flow. 

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