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Hello you lovely friend,

I'm starting this off by saying that I'm sorry I haven't been able to do as many lives on TikTok, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube as I'd like. We've been working so very hard here moving the studio all around. Our goal is to have our son moved in before Christmas and that's a rather large task.

Our workaway helpers have been amazing, my knees and heart are so very thankful for them. The weather has been icy cold, the food has been hot and yummy and even though there's lots of work happening, the fun is always here too.

Hedvika, our helper from Czech Republic loves putting puzzles together and has done a lovely winter scene on the table in the studio that's changing into our son's home. It was missing a piece, but still looked lovely. This morning, she experienced one of the unexplained "church miracles" that happen here on a regular basis. The piece. absent and searched high and low for, mysteriously appeared on the table, right beside the puzzle. Hedvika and Sherree were both surprised but felt as I do, that it's a kind of good angel or fairy that seems to always be on the lookout for us here in this old church.

Tonight, as I type this post, Morton and Hedvika are both cooking in the kitchen, Sherree left today for another adventure and I'm so thankful for this wonderful life and so happy that you're sharing it with us.

We're going to be taking off Tuesday & Wednesday to get ready for Thanksgiving with friends and family coming. There may be some decorations going up and the autumn leaves are still holding up on the forest where we're going to have our feast. In case I don't get to wish it to you before then, please have a beautiful Thanksgiving and know that you're in my thoughts.


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