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Last Saturday Morton got his kilt box out from under our bed, taking out the elements to make up this traditional Scottish outfit and I was thinking about the first time I saw him in person in this kilt.

We were living in Scotland, seven miles south of Edinburgh and we had been invited to a party. A ceilidh (a Scottish dance party) and he didn't have a kilt. He had always just rented (he says 'hired') one when he had an occasion that called for it. It surprised me until I found out how expensive everything was that you need with the kilt. The socks, shoes, flashings, belt, jacket, vest, shirt, skiendoo, sporran, kilt pin and I'm sure I'm forgetting something. 

We first went to a shop that sold new kilts, got sticker shock and made our way to a place that rented them and also sold them second hand. Even at that option, it was 500 pounds for his outfit. It was an expensive dance but was it ever fun. 

A couple decades later we're still dancing in that kilt, but Saturday was a family reunion of sorts at a beautiful old farmhouse in southern Pennsylvania. The kilt came out because Morton didn't have a costume, and truthfully, it's my favorite outfit to see him in. He always looks handsome, but something about that kilt is just so perfect.

My costume, as you can see in the picture, was a whimsical whatever! I did have a lovely purple mask that had been gifted to me by TikTok friend, StacySewandSo, but sadly it wasn't on for this picture that my cousin took of Morton and I. 

The party was really perfect, weather magnificent, company incredible and the food was better than any meal you could ever get in any restaurant. Morton had baked sourdough bread bowls and my cousin's husband had made seafood chowder that was the perfect combination. Family recipes were baked and brought from everywhere in the state and I enjoyed talking to my Uncle and Aunt about the good old days. 

Like all get-togethers, we all agreed to do it more often and my cousin and I figured out, while watching the kids play and their parents chatting, that we are now the older generation at these gatherings. I smiled thinking about that. I felt the time passing and it was alright, it's what time is supposed to be doing after all. Being with Morton, in his kilt, on this perfect Pennsylvania day, I really wouldn't have been happier anywhere else. Maybe at another time, 20 years ago so my parents could have been there too. But when you start thinking like that I'd have to go back 50 years so my grandparents could have been there as well. Then I wouldn't have been able to dance with my Morton. The present, this moment, captured in this photo, is right where I want to be.


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