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Sometimes things happen so fast in our lives we don't get to really let them sink in. That's the feeling in the air here now! My whole life I've been impulsively motivated in a good way. I always believe that the best time to do something is right now and that the best is yet to come. These two thoughts work together to make magic happen.

The other day Morton wondered about making charcoal out of some of the smaller branches on the wood that we use to burn in our biomass stove. As I was down in the studio creating a pumpkin goblin's house, Morton was splitting wood. He was also wrapping his first batch of birch sticks in aluminum foil, that he had peeled and put in the back of the stove where the second burn chamber gets quite hot.

He brought me the charred sticks, and I scrambled to test them on a watercolor painting I had done in a workshop years ago. My scribbles turned to art as a wee hedgehog and castle appeared. I'm well and truly smitten with these sticks, and you can expect to see me doing lots of special things with them.

Our other big news right now is the studio is moving up! We're going to expand the Cemetery Studio, create an all-new Lofty Studio & my current office that I never really use is going to be a Sewing Studio that has the southern exposure window to make it extra cozy & creative. So many ideas, so much work and adventures are coming in the next few months, you'll want to keep an eye out for it all!


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